Why Does My Air Conditioner Start and Stop?

It is easy to figure out HVAC issues and troubles if you carefully notice the AC system for possible hints. Even the slightest change in the AC system’s working pattern can indicate an issue developing inside the unit.
If the issue is detected at the earliest, it becomes easy to resolve it, and the expense is pocket-friendly, so there is no monthly budget unbalancing. However, if the issue slips out of your eyes’ corners, then there are chances you might have an expensive repair bill waiting in the future.

If you notice that the AC system refrigeration cycle starts and shuts off too soon, your AC struggles with a short cycling problem. It needs to be resolved. Otherwise, there can be severe effects on the compressor’s working efficiency. Calling and consulting the nearest AC repair in Corsicana should be your first step if you discover the problem.

What Is The Short Cycling Problem In The AC System?

When the AC system does not complete the cooling or refrigeration cycle and stops the process, it is a short cycling problem.

How Does The Refrigeration Cycle Take Place In The System?

The refrigeration process is the principle behind the AC system’s working to provide you with a comfortable environment from extreme heat in the interiors. The cooling process starts from the thermostat, the thermostat registers the room’s current temperature, and the compressor starts the refrigeration cycle. As soon as the thermostat detects the temperature to be equal to the selected temperature, the compressor shuts down to take some rest.

The cycle begins again as soon as the thermostat senses that the temperature is not equal to the selected temperature. A refrigeration cycle lasts up to 15-20 minutes. So, the perfectly working AC should undergo three cycles per hour, and if it is more than that, you might need the help and expert advice of your AC installation technician in Corsicana.

What Will Happen If The Problem Is Not Addressed?

According to the AC repair experts in Corsicana, the compressor has to face all the adverse effects of ignoring the short cycling problem. Why the compressor?

A compressor is responsible for the cooling process’s beginning and ending. The compressor is forced to begin the cooling cycle again when the cycle starts interrupting due to temperature differences. The compressor needs more electrical power to start the cooling process.
The consequences of the short-cycling process are:

1.  As the compressor draws more electricity input, the utility bill increases sharply.
2. Continuous compressor working can wear and tear the component, and you might have to call the AC installation in Corsicana for a compressor replacement service.
3. Loud noise due to the component’s excessive working can cause disturbance in a comforting environment

What Are The Reasons That Lead To Short Cycling Issues?

Here is a list of possible reasons that are responsible for this issue:
  • Blocked AC filters.
  • AC system is massive enough according to the residential space.
  • Decreasing levels of refrigerant.
  • The thermostat is near the heating appliance, or the sunlight interferes with temperature detection.
  • Loose electrical connection causing the issue.

AC Installation in Corsicana will help you figure out the problem, and the technician team will quickly resolve the issue. Before it is too late, call in the Patriot Home Services Heating and Air Conditioning experts for professional AC services.