How Often Should You Service A Heating System?

Having your furnace serviced before the cold weather arrives will keep it in good condition and prevent it from breaking down when you need it most. A furnace inspection and service will extend the system’s lifespan, save energy, and reduce health risks. 

Each side of the system should be inspected and serviced once a year; in spring for air conditioning and fall for heating and furnaces. As with changing your car’s oil, this annual maintenance is vital to maintaining your HVAC system. Your system will last longer, and you will be able to prevent major breakdowns. 

The most common cause of HVAC breakdowns is failure to perform needed maintenance. Late summer is a good time to schedule furnace service since fall is extremely busy for HVAC companies. 

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1. Cost Of Cleaning A Furnace.

You may have to pay a small trip charge or service fee if a company only does an inspection. You may be able to deduct that amount from your bill if you have the work done. The average cost of furnace cleaning is $60 to $85. 

Our technician will ensure that everything is running as efficiently and safely as possible. Ensure all your registers are working before the HVAC pro comes to your house. They can then analyse any problems on the same service call, such as disconnected or damaged ducts. 

2. Is It Necessary To Clean The Furnace Every Year?

A checklist followed by maintenance technicians will cover all the important elements. An inspection and cleaning of your furnace should include the following:

  • To ensure the system is running properly, check the thermostat settings.
  • Inspecting electrical connections and testing voltages.
  • Keeping moving parts lubricated.
  • Checking for obstructions in the condensate drain.

3. Hiring An HVAC Expert Is Essential.

Make sure you hire a professional to work on your HVAC system. The majority of cities require HVAC contractors to be licensed. Verify the company’s licence, bond, and insurance with your local licensing agency, and ask for references. 

4. Servicing Your System Regularly.

After an HVAC professional services the furnace, homeowners can take a few steps to ensure it runs smoothly. Air filters should be changed regularly, at least every three months. Clogged air filters can restrict air flow, allowing pollen, dust, and other contaminants to enter your home. The benefit of yearly servicing is not limited to that. 

5. Importance Of Manufacturer Warranty.

Manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance. In the event of a warranty claim, the manufacturer may request service records to prove you have kept up with the required maintenance. Your claim may be denied if your furnace hasn’t been serviced regularly.


Your comfort is one of the main reasons to schedule HVAC maintenance each year. Over time, climate control systems become less effective and efficient. Gas-powered heating systems are particularly vulnerable to this. Cracked heat exchangers can cause dangerous problems, such as exposing you to high levels of carbon monoxide gas and creating fire hazards.

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