How Does Short Cycling Affect Your AC And How To Prevent It?

Do you wonder why your AC suddenly turns on and off every few minutes? This problem is called short cycling, and it happens for various reasons. The most common reason for short cycling is a low power supply. Short cycling is not a serious issue until it becomes frequent.

The daily short cycling of AC, if not inspected by the technician, can force you for air conditioning replacement in Corsicana. 

Five Common Reasons Behind Short Cycling:

1. Less refrigerant in AC
2. Fault in power supply
3. Inappropriate size of AC
4. Skipped annual servicing
5. Duct Leakage

How Does Short Cycling Degrade AC Conditions?

The frequent short cycling can degrade the compressor and other components of AC. The three most common consequences of short cycling are:

It Increases The Chance Of Early Wear And Tears

As AC turns off and on abnormally, the other parts of the AC also start malfunctioning. It leads to wear and tear on your AC. The AC components that get most affected by the short cycling are the compressor and thermostat.

It Becomes The Reason For Malfunctioning Compressor

During short cycling, the compressor turns off and on often, the cooling duration of the compressor reduces, and it remains off for more time. This problem can attract wear and tear for AC compressors. The AC compressor is the most expensive AC part to replace.

Reduces Your Comfort Level And Room Cooling

During short cycling, the AC turns off for a long time and then turns on for a short duration. It affects the cooling and temperature of your room. The cooling becomes uneven. It slows down the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. In this way, short cycling reduces your comfort level.

Five ways you can prevent short cycling

1. Clogging is the main culprit of refrigerant leakage. The leakage will lead to short cycling as it reduces the refrigerant level. That’s why AC cleaning is so important.
2. The poor power supply or electrical connection is the main reason behind short cycling. Inspecting and fixing the electrical connection is a task that only a skilled electrician can handle.
3. The technician should check the refrigerant level to know if the low refrigerant level is causing short cycling. The low refrigerant level is also responsible for poor AC performance and uncool room. Verify if your AC needs refrigerant.
4. The restricted airflow also leads to short cycling. If the location near air vents or the outside unit gets obstructed, this will be a hurdle for the airflow. Hence, there should be no obstruction.
5. Annual AC inspection does not let short cycling happen. Annual tune-up service inspects and fixes the fault before the trivial issue becomes a headache. Scheduling AC services in Corsicana will help you prevent short cycling.

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