Air Conditioning Troubleshooting: 9 Common Problems & Solutions

The efficiency of an air conditioner is an important requirement of a homeowner. Air conditioners add comfort and quality of life to your home. Pre-emptive air conditioning troubleshooting and proper maintenance can aid homeowners in maintaining a perfect air conditioning system for many years to come. 

Common AC Troubleshooting Problems And Their Solutions.

  • The vibration of window AC: The vibrations in the air conditioner suggest an installation problem in the cooling unit.
    To troubleshoot this AC problem, review the manufacturer’s installation guide and look for the best service provider for AC service in Corsicana
  • Dirty filters: At times dirt and other debris can accumulate in the filters. It results in the clogging of filters. A clogged filter prevents airflow and thus reduces the efficiency of an air conditioner.
    Changing and cleaning filters is essential to maintain the air conditioner and its cooling efficiency. 
  • Blocked or dirty registers: Dirty registers get clogged, making it necessary to troubleshoot the air conditioner. Sometimes furniture and other objects also prevent unrestricted airflow into the AC system.
    Vacuum the register regularly to remove dust and other debris and keep the system dirt free.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight : Direct exposure to sunlight during the day causes the air conditioner to heat up. It can make it hard for the air conditioner to cool the home. Thus, it reduces its efficiency.
    It is better to use curtains or shade to prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the air conditioner
  • Outdoor plants : The central air conditioning system features an outdoor compressor. It requires constant airflow to operate efficiently.
    It is therefore advisable to leave some gap between them so that the compressor works efficiently. 
  • Air leakage : When cold air seeps out of the air conditioner, troubleshooting AC units becomes necessary. It generates a workload on the air conditioner unit.
    Check for seals around the air conditioner to determine if there is air leakage. 
  • Failure to conduct regular check ups: A regular check up is essential as it helps to detect severe issues before they worsen. Hire an expert technician who provides AC Installation in Corsicana to run an annual check up.
    The technician assesses the unit’s movable parts and refrigerant to ensure they are in good working condition. 
  • AC is not turning on : A tripped circuit breaker can easily cause the air conditioning system not to start. Thermostat issues or broken wiring can also cause the air conditioner to fail.
    Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker to troubleshoot this air conditioner issue. Replace the broken wires. 
  • Improper configuration of the thermostat: Programmable thermostats make it easy to control the home’s temperature. They help to maintain the comfort level.
    Set the thermostat right and make sure to protect it from direct sunlight. 


Proper functioning of the air conditioner is essential to maintain harmony and comfort in the home. However, some issues with the air conditioner can disturb its efficiency. 

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