7 Reasons Why Your Furnace Stopped Working

Modern commercial and residential heating systems are comfortable and reliable. However, these heating systems are bound to develop problems at some point. If your heater stopped working, there’s always something you can do to address the problem. 

In this article, we will help you understand why a heating system has suddenly stopped working. Knowing these reasons will allow you to fix your heating malfunction yourself, and you will be able to prevent expensive heating service in Corsicana.

7 Reasons Why Your Furnace Stopped Working

  1. Thermostat Settings: The first thing we should do when any HVAC stops working is to check the thermostat. Verify that your thermostat is on and set it to heating mode. Also, check the temperature settings to verify if it is according to the need or not. If your thermostat is not working, replace the batteries and reset the temperature.

  2. The Air Filter Is Too Dirty: We tend to forget to replace the air filter regularly. Over time, the filter gets too dirty and clogged. This clogging then affects the mechanism of other furnace components and blocks their efficiency. Therefore, a dirty air filter stops the furnace from working. An air filter replacement will easily fix this problem.

  3. Defect In Igniter: Check the igniter when everything is right with the thermostat and air filter, and still, if your furnace is not working, turn off your furnace, remove the access panel, and ensure that the igniter is not cracked or broken. Also, inspect it with a mustimeter. If the reading is zero, replace it. A damaged igniter can be responsible for carbon monoxide leaks too. 

  4. Unclean And Blocked System: You will need to clean the entire furnace system whenever you notice it stopped working due to the accumulation of dirt. The cleaning service is essential to prevent clogging or any damage to the outside unit. You can clean the furnace and unblock the air vents using a vacuum and a brush.

  5. Circuit Breaker Tripping: You should also check the circuit breaker to verify if it has not flipped to the off position. A tripped breaker will immediately stop your furnace. Just flip it back to turn it on.

  6. Defect In The Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger is a prominent part of a furnace that must not be broken or damaged. Inspect the heat exchanger. If you find it damaged, contact the expert to fix the problem.

  7. The Refrigerant Levels Are Too Low: If the refrigerant level of a heat pump is too low, it can lead to frequent heat strips. When this continues for some time, the compressor may overheat leading to a breakdown. So, if you notice frequent heat strips, increase the refrigerant charge to avoid breakdowns. 


A furnace that suddenly stops working can give you a headache due to the absence of heating in the shivering winters. Some reasons for this problem can be solved without professional help, while some problems need a technician. 

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