7 Facts About New Furnace Installation

Poor heating installation often becomes the reason for HVAC owners’ complaints. If you keep in mind several important facts related to the furnace installation, you may need to contact the technician for heating repairs in Corsicana only a few times during the furnace’s lifetime.

Facts Regarding The Installation Of A New Furnace

Poor furnace performance and early replacement are the two most common outcomes of heating installation mistakes. You should consider a few things before and during heating installation;

  • Avoid Poor Sizing: You should calculate the minimum BTU required to heat the area before investing in a new furnace. Poor sizing can cause overheating and other damages that become the reason for frequent heating repairs services in Corsicana.
    You can use the online Manual J calculator to calculate the size of the furnace you need. If you calculate the heating size properly, only then will the HVAC be able to provide sufficient warmth.

  • Pre-Installation Inspection: Before installing the new furnace, contact a certified technician to inspect ductwork and air vents. This inspection lets you know if ductwork needs cleaning or any heating repairs in Corsicana.
    The blocked or damaged air vents will degrade your new furnace quickly. Outdated condition of air ducts can cause energy loss. Therefore, scheduling pre-installation inspection is essential to avoid post-installation malfunctions.

  • Get a Smart Thermostat: If your old furnace had a non-programmable thermostat, you should switch to a programmable thermostat while installing the new furnace. You need to adjust the non-programmable thermostat frequently according to the temperature requirements.
    Wrong temperature settings can also require heating repairs in Corsicana. However, you can schedule a timer on a programmable thermostat that will automatically manage the various temperature requirements throughout the day.

  • Choose a Qualified Expert: You should hire a trained and experienced HVAC expert only for all the heating services in Corsicana. Whether you need maintenance or installation, the durability of the service and its pricing depend on the HVAC company’s reputation and experience.
    Choose a qualified expert to avoid problems related to the poor heating installation.


  • Consider Energy Efficiency: Your new furnace should have a 90 AFUE rating for maximum heating efficiency. You can also install a gas furnace with a heat pump. If you install both, you can run the heat pump at a moderate temperature, and it will help you save money on utility expenses.

  • Furnace Safety Features: The furnace works with a combustion process. Any failure in the combustion can lead to the release of carbon monoxide. You should invest in a carbon monoxide detector while installing a new furnace to know if your heating system is producing harmful gas.
    You should also place the limit switch that will sense and prevent unsafe conditions beforehand. These safety features reduce the need for frequent heating services in Corsicana.

  • Furnace Brand and Warranty: You can get the best quality and longest heating life only if you invest in a renowned brand. Furnaces manufactured by a reputed brand cause fewer heating repairs in Corsicana due to better quality.

To Sum Up

The residential and commercial comfort does not entirely depend on installing the heating equipment. You also have to maintain it well with annual heating services in Corsicana. Patriot Home Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning Services has 30+ years of experience servicing and repairing all HVAC systems.

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