6 Reasons Why An Air Conditioner Smells And The Best Solution

6 Reasons Behind Your AC Releasing Unpleasing Odor

1. Something Burning For Sure

When you smell something like gunpowder or burnt plastic, something is burning, either the wire in your circuit breaker box or the AC parts like compressor, motor, and blower.

Also, if someone smokes near an AC or something that releases smoke is lying near the air conditioner, you will smell exhaust fumes. Keep smoke away from your AC as smoke can circulate in air with AC airflow.

2. Methyl Mercaptan is Entering the Ductwork

When your AC releases methyl Mercaptan that enters your ductwork, this can cause major damage. Methyl mercaptan is damaging to AC. At the same time, it can harm the health of you and your family. Although this gas is considered odorless, you will still feel a slight smell like rotten vegetables.

3. Refrigerator Leakage is the Most Common

The smell of exhaust fuel can be due to the chemical involved in refrigerant leakage. There is not only one reason behind refrigerant leakage as various faults contribute to this. From the failure of the condenser to the poor insulator, anything can cause refrigerant leakage.

4. Drain Lines Blocking the Water

We all are familiar with the smell of stagnant water. If you smell something like mud, clogged drain lines can be the reason.

5. Something is Dead

The rodents and insects can enter your AC and may die there. Also, there are chances of birds making their nest on your AC outdoor unit and getting trapped inside. The dead organism later releases the smell of rotten eggs that becomes unbearable.

6. Stale and moldy odor

The uncleaned filters, condenser coil, and trapped moisture cause a stale and moldy smell. Debris can accumulate in your AC. The fungus can also build up there due to excessive moisture.

Solutions For Poor Smell:

  •  Keep the filters, condenser coil, and drain lines clean.
  •  Never leave servicing due.
  •  Turn off your AC and open windows for proper ventilation.
  •  Don’t use ac until a technician comes and fixes it.
  •  Consult the HVAC expert soon after you experience a bad smell.
  •  For the problem of dead rodents, inspect the part from where the smell is coming out, unscrew that part and clean it.

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